Brittany Porter


Brittany Porter is a new addition to Executive Medicine of Texas and is a native Texan. At the age of 18, she became a published author of the book First Day to Finals: A Guide to Surviving High School. She attended Utah Valley University where she earned her BS in Biology. She also completed extensive coursework in theater, education, physics, chemistry, scientific research, and public health. During her time at the university, she worked closely with students in the Leadership Department and Women’s Success Center to aid in their development and overall success. Her love for education and the success of others has led her to Executive Medicine of Texas. As a trained medical assistant, Brittany has worked in the medical field on and off for eight years. She now manages The Staying Young Radio Show, social media, and is the executive assistant to Judy Gaman. She is a wife, mother, and life-long learner.

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