Medical Directions

Health concerns can be complicated. With so many healthcare providers involved, sometimes the team needs a quarterback. Having a seasoned physician with vast experience take the time to look over all the records and make recommendations could help speed recovery and clear up confusion.

Doctors examining information on a computer

Why is this important? Here’s a short list of reasons:

  1. Identifying drug/drug, drug/supplement, and drug/food interactions can be a life saver.
  2. Reviewing the medication list and crossing it with symptom list may warrant changes that improve quality of care and quality of life.
  3. Looking for possible missed diagnoses can give peace of mind.
  4. Taking time to listen to the patient can often tell the physician more than written record.
  5. Meeting with family members can help get everyone on the same page in understanding the diagnosis and prognosis.
  6. Reviewing the entire body as a whole, not just segmentally, can ward off future complication.

Doctor holding clipboard and talking to woman

Included are:

  • Extensive review of ALL medical records
  • Discussions if needed with specialists
  • Research of condition and new therapies, including research studies
  • A full report on status and recommendations going forward


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