San Antonio Executive Physicals Age Management Program

04 Jun San Antonio Executive Physicals Age Management Program

Tap into the power of personal health and wellness by scheduling one of the San Antonio executive physicals offered through Executive Medicine of Texas for yourself today. Unlike many health care providers, our physicians are fully committed to keeping you happy, healthy and lively through every stage of life. As part of our specialized San Antonio age management program, we combine the information we gather from our executive health exams with research-based solutions to degenerative disease prevention. By choosing to invest in these services, you will be applying a winning combination to your health that will minimize your risk for early onset of degenerative diseases and enhance both your personal and professional life.

Health In The Workplace

Our comprehensive approach to better health is not only applied on an individual basis but we also work hard to infuse a culture of wellness in your company through our corporate health and wellness programs. We understand that you have a busy personal life and that you likely work in a setting with some high-pressure systems in place that make it hard for you to balance keeping up at work with staying on track with your personal health goals. That is why the team at Executive Medicine of Texas works closely with corporations to implement options that make a difference when it comes to supporting both personal and professional wellness. One example of how we step things up for our corporate health clients is our VIP health checkup where we carefully assess the ongoing health of key employees within the company. This option is provided in addition to our comprehensive San Antonio executive physicals in order to keep a close watch on the well-being of those who are likely taking on more pressure than an average employee. Research indicates that when key employees are able to operate from a happy, energized and productive place it supports a better experience for everyone in the organization. A high level of corporate wellness trickles down into all other areas of life helping you perform better as an individual as well as an employee.

Keys To Wellness

In whatever way you choose to plug into the many services we offer through Executive Medicine of Texas you will discover that our approaches to uncovering the key to your wellness are highly effective. We believe in the power of functional medicine. This means we take careful aim at the root cause of any health problems you are experiencing in order to help your best health rise to the top in a sustainable fashion. This is very different from the traditional disease-based model of medicine that is hyper focused on dealing with symptoms rather than paying attention to the root causes of your health concerns. In fact, our scientifically based San Antonio age management program makes the most of the concept that, by understanding the root causes and incorporating the right steps toward proactive and preventative medicine, you will set yourself up to get the most out of life. In addition, we make it easier than ever before to take care of exactly what you need to optimize your health through our customized San Antonio concierge health plans.

Get Started Today

There is no reason to delay getting started on the path to improving your overall health by scheduling one of our San Antonio executive physicals for yourself today. Decide that now it the time to get your own health priorities in order. You are worth the effort and our medical team is standing by to help you toward greater happiness and even better productivity. Reach out today for more information on all of our health services or to schedule an appointment by calling 817-552-4300 or 800-910-3932.

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