Strategic Wellness Coaching

A Core Energy Coaching Program to Transform Your Life

Have you ever felt that you just can’t catch a break or things just seem out of control?

Do you struggle to identify with you own self worth, well-being, or the value you give to yourself?

Does life seem to lack clarity, awareness, or direction?

Well-being is a state, in which a person designates that they are happy or flourishing and that their life is going well for them.  Well-being is often considered to be the highest value to which other values can be subsumed:  it is that what makes one’s life good; a good life is for many people of the highest value.

However, a lot of people struggle to live this value out loud.  The world we live in diminishes the importance of self -care. We are taught to give to everyone else and have no clue what it means to give to ourselves.  When we ignore our own needs, when we don’t feel comfortable in asking for what we want, when we live our life without clear intention – we loose connection with ourselves and everything suffers. Our relationships, our health, our finances, our work. It’s all connected.

Whether your a C-Level Executive working for a fortune 100 / 500 company or if your a teenager maneuvering through adolescence, life’s demands can become overwhelming.

Jennifer McDaniel, Certified Core Energy Coach, Professional Coach, and Well-Being Strategist 

If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, Core Energy Coaching aims to introduce more clarity of thought through an increased awareness of energy dynamics and how it affects our daily life and the choices we make.  All programs are designed to work with you to develop sustainable techniques and habits to help better manage the emotional gauntlet of modern living. 

Energy dynamics as it relates to the human mind and body can be defined as follows:

Catabolic energy – a process wherein the body uses stored energy to generate energy to counteract any given stressor.

CAT = breaking down

  • Draining
  • Contracting
  • Resisting

Anabolic energy – a process by which the body builds itself up  and grows.

ANA = building up

  • Constructive
  • Expanding
  • Fueling

This is your life, you can live it on your terms. 

Some of The Programs Offered Include:
  1. Introduction and assessment sent to patient (at checkout visit or over phone after exam results)
  2. First 1 hour session (1 week after assessment. Here in office)
  3. Second 1 hour session (1-2 weeks after. In office)
  4. Third-Sixth 1 hour sessions (every 2 weeks. In office)
Strategic Wellness Coaching (3 month Program)
$2500.00 alone
$2000.00 if added to a concierge plan

For out of town guests, in office can be done remotely upon request.

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