The VO2MAX stress test is a great way to gather useful information about your lungs and heart health. During your stress test, a device is attached to your mouth and nose that measures the gas exchange during exercise. Many patients find this test to be invaluable.


The report will contain:

  • Cardiac health status based on gas exchange to your lungs and heart
  • Basal metabolic rate (BMR) which is the number of calories at which you maintain weight (a higher number will cause weight gain and a lower number of calories will allow for weight loss)
  • Fitness level or current VDOT number and goal VDOT
  • A detailed schedule of exercise that will help you reach your goal VDOT (fitness goal threshold)
  • The METS at which you burn calories and what exercises and activities fall within that METS level
  • Pre-test Framingham Vascular Age
  • Many more detailed health values

Cost: $800.00

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